If you are looking for simple home remedies regarding how to avoid blocked drains then you have come to the right place. It is true that blocked drains can cause a real hindrance in daily life. They are nothing short of a nuisance as they cause foul odor and a sheer lack of hygiene. Thankfully, a licensed plumber in the Thousand Oaks area can help you manage this menace. However, you do not have to waste money if you take active measures to avoid blocked drains in the first place.

Seven Expert Tips To Avoid Blocked Drains

It can be hectic to clear out the sink, shower, and bathtub drains. So, without further ado, let us discuss seven things you should regularly do to avoid clogged or blocked drains.

  1. Pour Boiling Water Through The Drain

Carefully pour hot water down the drains to avoid getting any burns. Pouring boiling water down the drain can help remove small debris and greasy objects that may have accumulated over time. Do this once a week to discard insoluble waste material in the pipes.  

  1. Conduct Regular Pipe Inspections

Call a licensed clogged drain plumber to get your pipes checked regularly. Such a professional can check the state of your piping and identify any issues that may not be evident at first. Get the drainage issue fixed before a bigger problem develops later on.

  1. Use Drain Strainers

Visit a local hardware store and buy a drain strainer for your bathroom and kitchen area. Drain strainers work by catching unfiltered scum and dirt or debris. They prevent this waste from entering the drain and going down the pipes.

  1. Don’t Clog The Toilet

In simpler words, you should watch all that you flush. Only flush waste and toilet paper since you do not want to clog your toilet. Avoid flushing feminine hygiene products or menstrual products because these should go in the trash bin instead of being flushed.

  1. Clean The Stoppers Often

To prevent clogs from forming, you should take out the stoppers and clean them manually. Do this every week or so to avoid debris such as food particles, hair, and other grime from accumulating.

  1. Avoid Chemical Cleaners

Instead of cleaning your drains with off-the-shelf products, clean them with the help of professional plumbers. The reason is that these cleans have toxic chemicals that can slowly deteriorate your pipes. So, avoid a major issue from erupting by avoiding the usage of such cheap and toxic chemical cleaners.

  1. Instruct Your Children Accordingly

Remind your children about the things that are allowed to go down the drain. Instruct them not to flush hair, toys, food, or similar items. If you are following these tips but your kids are not listening, it can be a sheer waste of effort on your part.

Summing Up

If you need help with a strained or clogged drainer, then remember that help is nearby. A certified plumber in Thousand Oaks can assist you in clearing out a blocked drain. Furthermore, these plumbers can also guide you about how to prevent further pipe and drain damage in the future. So go ahead and book your plumbing consultation with a plumber in Thousand Oaks today.