Bathrooms are one of the most vital parts of the house, which is closely associated with your basic needs and comfort. All of us have specific requirements and preferences regarding having our own personal space, i.e. bathroom. Bathroom fittings and fixtures are the tools you choose to personalize your bathrooms in accordance with your convenience.

However, it is natural for bathroom fixtures to wear off with time. Replacing the fittings and fixtures in time is necessary to keep the bathroom and the house from further damage. For that, you need to understand the hints given by your bathroom and hire a certified and professional plumbing service like ‘Rooter Hero,’ who has 100 years of experience as the go-to plumber in Woodland Hills, as avoiding professional help and taking a DIY approach to getting the needed repair and replacement done will aggravate the problem as well as the cost or repair and replacement even more.

So, here are the 5 signs you need to notice in order to replace your bathroom fixtures to avoid further damage and save the bathroom from losing its functionality.

Leaks and Damp Spots

Leaky faucets or showers are among the most obvious signs you need to call a plumber. If you frequently notice water dripping from your faucet from different places even after turning it off tightly or encounter damp spots here and there in your bathroom, especially in the corners or on the walls, then it is an indication of some major underlying issue that needs your immediate attention and the replacement of the entire equipment.

Low Pressure and Mineral Deposits

Mineral and grime deposited in your faucet could be the culprit behind the reduced water pressure. Minerals and dust in hard water accumulate around the rim of the shower or faucet and clog them. This not only affects the speed of the water but also raises the risk of developing various kinds of fungal or bacterial infestations.

An internal leakage due to damaged pipes can also result in low water pressure. In any of such cases, the only way out is to get the assistance of Robust Hero, the most experienced plumber in Woodland Hills, to rule out such problems by replacing faulty fittings with new ones.

Foul Smell Coming From the Water 

The musty or noisome smell you get when you turn on the water in your sink or shower indicates a serious mold or bacterial infestation in your bathroom fittings. You need to get the affected fittings replaced as soon as possible. If neglected, the infested fittings can lead to other serious damages and problems, requiring even higher replacement costs in the future.


Rusting makes the bathroom fixtures brittle and easily damageable. If not treated on time, it can cause internal leakage problems, eventually damaging the water pipes. Consider replacing your bathroom fittings if you start spotting rust deposits here and there. It will eventually save you from much trouble and unnecessary expenditure in the long run.

Outdated Fittings and Fixtures

Everything we use needs updating with time, especially the bathroom, for being one of the most used and frequented entities. If the fixtures in your bathroom have been serving for a long time and are on the verge of becoming outdated and losing their relevance according to the current needs and standards, then it is high time for you to get them replaced with modern fittings and fixtures.

However, it is crucial not to take matters into your own hands and consult Rooter Hero, the expert plumber of Woodland Hills.